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We improve the student experience by providing opportunities & quality services

Student life at the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) is never boring! There are a plethora of activities to be engaged in from participating in events to representing the student body

As a student at the University, you are automatically a member of the Students’ Association (SA), which focuses on enhancing the student experience and acts as the bridge between the student community and University management

The SA at UNM is the official campus organization that represents all students
It's made up an elected body of students who oversee issues related to the SA
The SA encourages you to get to know your peers and get involved in various events and activities organised by the SA Executives and Clubs and Societies, starting with Freshers’ Week for new students
You will also get the opportunity to take leadership roles within Clubs and Societies, or even as an elected student officer in the Students' Association to organise events and activities at UNM
Whatever you decide to do, there are ample opportunities available to help develop your skills while enhancing your CV

Our Vision

To leverage our unique position as a
Tri-Campus institution to create greater community and cultural awareness and engagement while bridging the gap between student voice and campus management to support the delivery of the best student experience across Asia

Our Mission

To improve the student experience and increase student engagement with campus life by providing quality services, effective representation and excellent development opportunities for all our students

How is the SA run?

The SA is run by an Executive Committee (ExCo) of 9 elected full-time student volunteers holding various portfolios to serve the student community. The ExCo aims to improve the experience of student life by providing representation, developing opportunities and quality services for all students. No matter which level of study you are at, your student experience will be taken care of by your elected peers from the time you step into the university until the day you graduate.

Sukh Sajjad
- SA President
Fadhilah Fatnin Asri Afendi
-  SA Vice President
Sim Tze Ting
- SA Activities Officer
Fathima Suraiya Farook
- SA ISB’ 5Officer
Chung Yu Jin
- SA Sports Officer
Amr Nabil Mahmoud Hassan Youssef
- SA Postgraduate Officer
Wan Nur Ain Syadiya Wan Jamaludin
- SA Sustainability Officer
Iffa Elyana Mohd Rusli
- SA Education Officer
Edrina Lisa Ozaidi
- SA Home Students Officer

Our SA Networks

Gerard Aloysius Francis
- SA Manager
Jeffrey Foo Jian Wen
-  SA Senior Officer
Mod Shazereen Kamarudin
- SA Officer
Muhammad Syazwan Abd Hamid
- SA Officer
Nurul Farah Ain Nazwir
- SA Officer

The Student Association Staff Office is located at H1830 on the 1st Floor of Block H1. It is led by the Students' Association Manager, Mr Gerard Aloysius Francis and assisted by three officers and an administrative assistant.

Among the services provided are counter service for inquiries related to the Student Association, support for Student Executives, booking of seminar rooms and H1 rooms, loaning of equipment and overlooking facilities in Block H1.

The Student Council acts as the representative of ALL members of the Student Association

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SC duty is to deliberate and consider businesses affecting members of the Students' Association (SA), initiate and frame SA Policy, while holding Executive Committee, Standing Committees, Executive Officers and all other branches of SA accountable

The Steering Committee is elected by the Councillors to handle the administration of Student Council. They are expected to remain impartial on all matters outside their legitimate areas of concern. It is important to note that the Steering Committee are members of the Student Council and not part of the voting members.

Salma Al Jayyousi
- SC Chairperson
Khaled Metwalli
- SC Vice Chairperson
Wah Yue Qing
-  SC Secretary

The Chairperson of the Student Council role, includes setting and chairing the council meetings, ruling on matters that ensure the fair running of Stuident Council, and assisting other Steering Committee members in their respective roles.

The Vice-Chair of the Student Council is responsible for assisting the steering committee in any matters that involve the Council in addition to being the head of the elections committee which plans and supervises the elections process.

Oversees administrative tasks within the Steering Committee, such as the recording of meeting minutes, constitutional amendments, email reminders, and more.

The General Elections for the Students’ Association Executive Team is held every year in the Spring Semester

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This is one of the best ways to have your say on how the Students’ Association is run and an opportunity for you to represent your fellow students. If you think you have what it take to make a positive impact in UNM, run for elections and take part in the change-making process!
The following 8 positions are available during the Spring General Elections:
  • SA President
  • SA Vice President
  • SA International Students Officer
  • SA Activities Officer
  • SA Education Officer
  • SA Sustainability Officer
  • SA Sports Officer
  • SA Welfare Officer
The Election Committee (EC) is an autonomous body whose purpose is to oversee the implementation of election procedures. EC are to ensure that the election procedures (nominations, campaigns, hustings and voting) are carried out with utmost ease, efficiency and transparency!

Our mission is to provide the student body with comprehensive information regarding the details and agendas of candidates, as well as clarifying how individuals can cast their votes for their desired representatives. This is to ensure that the student body can voice out and practice their rights in choosing the best fit candidates. Any misconduct will be dealt by EC in a fair and just manner.  

Elections Comittee Member Hierachy

Student Council Meetings

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