Clubs & Societies
Realise your potential and expand your skillset


Biomedical Science Society
Join us in exploring all things biology and medicine related!
Bioscience Students in Nottingham
Explore the life sciences and get to know the Bioscience community with us!
CPA Australia Student Charter
Looking for advantageous opportunities in accounting finance, then UNMCPA is for you!
Computer Science Society
Equip, Enrich, Empower.
Engineers Without Borders UNM
In EWB we support local and international communities with the skills we learn.
IChemE Student Chapter
Your one-stop platform for personal enrichment, technical experience and loads of fun.
IEM UNM Student Section
Hosting engineering events for your professional development to be better than the best.
IET UNM Student Chapter
Engineering A Better World, Together.
IMechE UNM Student Chapter
IMechE UNM SC - "We strive to improve the world through engineering!"
Institution of Civil Engineers Student Chapter
"Constructing a better future together."
Nottingham Economics Society
"Striving to create economic awareness at the University of Nottingham Malaysia"
Nutrition Club
NutriC promotes healthy living by altering daily habits.
Together we promote awareness, interest and discussion among the students.
Psychology Society
A place to explore our minds and discover endless possibilities!
Robotics Society
For the passionate, intuitive, innovative and inventive robotics enthusiasts.
An academic society of the School of PHIR.

Creative Arts

Digital Arts Guild
DAG - Think, Create, Share.
Music Society
Music Society - A place for music lovers!
Nottingham Dance Club
Bringing together like-minded passionate people to dance, live and love!
Nottingham Photography Society
NPS explore the art of teleporting the past into the future together with shutterbugs.
Society of Fine Arts
At SOFA, you are welcome in a safe space for all art-enthusiasts.


No items found.


Chinese Cultural Society
We encourage students to discover & promote local Chinese cultural values & language.
Egyptian Society
A "pyramid" scheme society.
Indian Cultural Society
Unleash the colourful and diverse heritage of India.
Indonesian Society
Immerse yourself in the Indonesian culture through us!
Japanese Cultural Society
Discover the beauty of Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun with JSOC!
Mauritian Cultural Society
Discover and enjoy the charming, relaxed and diverse Mauritian culture.
Nottingham Bangladesh Society
A society to celebrate cultural traditions and enjoy delicous Bangladeshi food.
Nottingham Maldivian Society
Learn about the culture of Maldives and engage in various cultural activities and games.
Pakistan Cultural Society
Discover Pakistan's beautiful culture through fun-filled events and more.
Sri Lankan Society
Immerse yourself in a captivating multicultural experience with SLSOC!
Sudanese Society
Discover Sudan's culture, customs and more!


Catholic Students' Society
Explore Catholicism & grow together in Christ in your ongoing faith journey!
Christian Fellowship (UNMCF)
Christian Fellowship - Discovering and learning more about God as Christians!
Islamic Society
A society that helps you cover every aspect of your future career!
Nottingham Buddhist Society
Discover yourself, cultivate lifelong friendship & progress together at NBS!

Special Interest

ACE Society
Discover your passion in helping others with ACE.
Develop youth leadership to create a better community with AIESEC!
Anime and Manga Society
The Anime and Manga Society. Satifying your 2D and 3D needs ever since 2006.
Baking Society
Our Society is a supportive club to share your affection for pastries & desserts.
Conspiracy Theory Society (ConSoc)
ConSoc - "Lets talk about conspiracy theories!"
Enactus UNM
A group of students transforming the lives of others by means of social entrepreneurship
Feminist Society
A safe space for discussions about feminism & experiences of inequality.
Foodie Club
Community for food enthusiasts to eat, drink and explore different cultures!
Gaming Society
From video games to board games, there's a place in GSoc for you!
Investment Club
The Investment Club - "Learn how to invest your way to financial independence!"
Literature and Drama Society
To enrich, develop, and further expand creative literary & theatrical talents.
Nature Club
Showcase your passion and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with us!
Nottingham Clover Guides Society
Evolve professionally, explore adventures and be an active citizen with NCGS!
Nottingham Debate Society
Ever thought of speaking in front of a crowd and leaving the audience in awe?
Nott’s Makers Club
Turning ideas into reality through learning, building and sharing.
Rotaract Club UNM
Serve to change lives with Rotaract UNM!
Stress Relief Society
Stress Relief Society, a safe space to relieve stress.
The Wall Street Society
Discover your personal strengths, career opportunities and more with TWSS!
UN Youth Nottingham Society
Grow your solution building skills with UN Youth by discussing topical issues!
UNM Consulting Club
We promote consulting insights among students through various activities.
UNM Toastmasters Club
Nurturing world leaders in public speaking and leadership training.
Writers' Society
"The art of writing is discovering what you believe."
Youth Entrepreneur Society
Helping you to turn ideas & solutions into sustainable business! Say yes to Y.E.S.!


Archery Club
From beginners to professional athletes, join us and discover your true potential.
Association of Martial Arts Club (AMAC)
AMAC believes strong bonds and character can be forged with martial arts.
Basketball Club
Teamwork is a beauty of basketball. Trust, respect and hard work makes a better team.
Billiards Club
Learn how to play billiards and polish your skills :)
Cheerleading Club
Improve fitness, discipline and teamwork with BEAST!
Football Club (NUFC)
For those who eat, sleep, breathe football! Be a part of UNMs most proactive club.
Nottingham Chess Club
Life is like a game of chess, so why not figure out your life by learning to play chess?
Nottingham Cricket Club
Nottingham Cricket Club - A club to bring together the cricket fanatics at UNM!
Nottingham Rugby Club
With you on board, the Nottingham Knights have a strong team!
Nottingham University Handball Club
Once you start playing, there is no stopping. Be a part of our UNM Handball team !
Nottingham Wolves Dodgeball Club
Nottingham Wolves Dodgeball Club – Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
Squash Club
The UNMC Squash Club is a sports club that caters to all squash lovers!
Tennis Club
Enjoy tennis on campus together with Tennis Club!
Touch Football Club
Let's stay healthy and stay in Touch with Trident Touch Club!
UNM Badminton Club
Serve it, smash it, win it, love it! Refuse to lose. All for one and one for all.
UNM Fitness Club
The Fitness Club motivates people to get active and push themselves beyond their comfort
UNM Floorball Club
Floorball is not just a sport, it is a life skill for personal growth.
UNM Netball Club
The perfect place to learn new sports skills & meet new people
UNM Rock Climbing Club
Unleash your unlimited potential as you defy gravity with us!
UNM Swimming Club
UNMC Swim Club- A place where you swim, and make bonds with teammates, and swim more!
UNM Table Tennis Club
The UNM Table Tennis Club aims to provide a place for all standards of players to learn.
UNM Ultimate Frisbee Club
Unwind by joining us at the field and let those discs soar!
Volleyball Club
UNM Volleyball Club - Discover the art of teamwork and connections!
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August 17, 2020
What are the latest updates on the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in Managing Covid-19 in UNM?
Is there a list of guides that could help me settle in at UNM?
Can I use the facilities in the Students’ Association building? (i.e. UG Room, Activity Room)
What are the key links that will be useful in my study preparation?
If I or somebody else is experiencing the COVID-19 / symptoms, who should I contact?
Access to campus
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Campus Services
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I have some questions about on-campus accommodation, who should I contact?
Where can I view the Shuttle Bus Services schedule?
Where can I find the F&B and Retail Services Operation Hours?
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Clubs and Societies
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I want to know more about the Clubs and Societies in UNM.
When will the Clubs and Societies Executive Camp be held?
What is the link for submitting EPF, Payment Voucher, etc.?
What is the duration of a Club or Society membership?
When will the Clubs and Societies be permitted to host their first event?
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July 7, 2020
What is the Operation Hours for Finance Counter in the month of Ramadan?
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July 7, 2020
How will graduation be proceeding this year?
International Students
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I am new to Malaysia, what should I know?
I am an international student and I have a question, who should I contact?
How to Update Overseas Vaccination on MySejahtera?
What happens to my student visa if I decide to defer my studies?
Who should I contact if I have an urgent question about my visa?
IT Services
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July 7, 2020
What is the IT Services Operation Hours during Ramadan?
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July 7, 2020
What is the Operation Hours for Library during study and exam period?
Postgraduate Students
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When can I access the laboratory facilities?
I am a PGT student, I am facing difficulty with my studies, who should I contact?
What are the SOPs for the use of the laboratory facilities?
I do not want to use the laboratory facilities, can I still access my office room?
I am a progressing Phd student, can I request for an extension for my annual review report?
Sports Complex
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What is the Operation Hours for Sports Complex?
Emergency Contacts
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In the case of any emergencies on-campus, who can I contact?