Rotaract Club UNM

Rotaract Club of UNM, closely affiliated with Rotary International, is a vibrant organization primarily targeting University of Nottingham students. It offers them a valuable platform to actively participate in community service, professional development, and leadership experiences. Rotaract members, often known as "Rotaractors," collaborate on a diverse array of projects aimed at addressing pressing societal issues in their local communities. These endeavors can encompass activities ranging from organizing health and education initiatives to environmental conservation projects and fundraising for humanitarian causes. The breadth of Rotaract's activities is flexible, catering to the specific interests and needs of its members. In addition to its focus on community service, Rotaract places a significant emphasis on personal and professional growth. Through club meetings, workshops, and networking opportunities, young adults can nurture their leadership abilities, foster cross-cultural understanding, and establish enduring connections with like-minded peers. Rotaract serves as not just a means to make a positive impact but also as a pathway for young adults to evolve into future leaders and active contributors to society. It acts as a bridge, connecting the youthful energy and enthusiasm of its members with the global presence and expertise of Rotary International, cultivating a sense of responsibility and dedication to service among its participant

Janice Lo Jia Le
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