What is the SC?

The Student Council (SC) is the regulatory body responsible for the governance and administration of the Students’ Association (SA).

The SC is responsible for updating the SA Constitution according to the amendments passed in the Student Council meetings.

SA Executives, Hall Tutors, Education Network representatives, Clubs and Societies representatives and Temporary voting members attend each meeting.

We regularly set and scrutinize policies, creating a code of conduct for the operations of the SA body. We aim to ensure accountability in the SA so that they truly reflect our voices as students. 

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What is an Ordinary Council Meeting?

An Ordinary Council Meeting (OCM)is a meeting held by the SC consisting of all the representatives, known as Councillors. The Councillors meet at least four times in an academic year.


"Ask Your Representative" session is held in every OCM, where students can directly ask their representatives any questions or concerns. 

What is a Temporary Voting Member

As a temporary voting member(TVM), students can debate and vote on issues and motions presented during OCMs. This position gives excellent insight into the inner workings of the SA and SC. Students can also use this opportunity to voice their opinions and ideas on the policies set by the SC as a representative of the student body. Five different students are chosen for each meeting, giving diversity in the voices of the SC. No student can be a TVM in two consecutive OCMs.

Student Council Steering Committee

Maryam Elsaadany


Ghalib Ali


Adibah Atiqah