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UNM Floorball Club

Floorball is not just a sport, it is a life skill for personal growth.

The UNM Floorball Club welcomes anyone with any skill levels. All you need to join the team is an open mind and a willing heart. The young varsity competitive scene allows hard-working players to rise through the ranks quickly, allowing us to shape our players into a competitive force to be reckoned with. We hope to give everybody the equal opportunity to learn and grow through the sport and create a sense of belonging alongside a strong campus community. We hold winning in high regards, but our main priority has always been the development of our players and the sport.

William Loo Wei Lian

Vision without action is just a daydream.


Selangor Intervarsity 2019
UNM Floorball Open 2018
Intra-Campus Floorball Cup 2017
Nation's Cup Floorball 2017
UM Intervarsity Floorball Open 2016


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