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The perfect place to learn new sports skills & meet new people

The UNM Netball Club is a well-established sports club where the first and foremost mission is to offer students an experience of playing netball, a game that has gained much attention in the past few years by promoting healthy spirit between students on and off-campus as well as students from other universities who share the same passion towards the game. Netball is a team-based sport played by two teams against each other, consisting of seven players per team. Each player is given their position based on their speciality like attacking and defending. The UNM Netball Club's goal is to provide an opportunity for all male and female students at UNM to come together as a group and learn new skills from our experienced players. We hope that we can nurture a netball culture in UNM at once develop and enhance netball skills amongst members. Our weekly training, which is open to all UNM netball club members, begins with basic rules and step introductions, followed by area-focused training led by the captain and co-captain. In addition, activities conducted like Scoring the Basics helped introduce netball to members, and Athena’s Battle to test members’ strength level monthly. What's more, there will be plenty of opportunities to represent UNM in future friendlies, Nation's Cup, and tournaments alongside meeting new people. Fret not, every member will be given an equal chance to attend the annual tryout session to represent us to compete with other institutions. Playing a team-based sport can be helpful with communication and teamwork skills that can be implemented in our daily life from lectures to work life. Lastly, UNM Netball Club is the place for you to enjoy a positive and fun community during your university days. Everyone can have fun, be healthy, and instill positive habits at the same time.

Putri Nurdiana Binti Don @ Abdullah

Slowly but surely. As long as there is progress and will, I believe that I will achieve what I dream of at the end of the day. No matter the pace, just keep moving forward until the finishing line.


Scoring The Basics
Nation's Cup


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