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Christian Fellowship (UNMCF)

Christian Fellowship - Discovering and learning more about God as Christians!

UNM Christian Fellowship is a Christian-based society that wishes to serve as the Christian presence and community in university. Our activities & motivation are driven through growth from our relationship with Christ and God's Word in the Bible. We gather together as a group of students to encourage and explore our faith. We are open to every race and ethnicity - whether to learn more about Christianity in general or share our thoughts as Christians. Everyone is always welcome to join our activities, weekly meetings, Bible studies, hangouts, etc.! Ultimately, we serve and love God, whom we believe loves each and every person unconditionally. We seek a relationship with Him together as those united in what Christ had done for us on the cross.

Ong Hui Li

God is able to turn absolute ANYTHING into something amazing, and what a blessing that is!


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