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Baking Society

Our Society is a supportive club to share your affection for pastries & desserts.

Baking Society is a platform created to further nurture a group of foodies who would like to explore, produce and transform these delicious goodness into a satisfying, comforting indulgence and marketable trend. We welcome everyone with strong desire to create, invent and enjoy baking. Are you an amateur in baking or master in the art of macaroons? That’s no major. We aspire to provide opportunities for like-minded people to share their tips and tricks as well as comprehensive baking knowledge. Baking is also a form of productive self-expression and gives you room for your creative juices. We believe that baking promotes mental health as it increases mindfulness, satisfaction and sensory pleasure. We offer events ranging from social activities for networking and bond building to workshops and bake sales. Hence, there are also opportunities that cultivates entrepreneurial mindset where you may get inspiration into transform your interest to revenue generating hobby.

Mah Xue Rou Sheryl

Do the best you can until you know better.



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